Midges – Rum’s most notorious beastie!

Rum is famous for much of our wildlife – red deer feature regularly on Autumwatch. It was the Isle of Rum where white tailed sea eagles were first released back into the wild in Scotland. Rum ponies – a strain of Highland ponies are used for bringing home culled deer during the stalking season. Rum is home to a quarter of the world population of Manx Shearwaters each summer as these amazing birds make an annual migration back to Rum to breed and rear their young.

midge-pendantBut by far the most famous creature here on our beautiful island, the one which is most talked about, has the greatest impact on islanders and visitors and is responsible for so many folk doing the seasonal ‘Midgie Dance’ of waving their hands around is the Rum Midge.
Our philosophy here on Croft 3 is that all life is to be celebrated or at the very least to make the best of a bad situation so we capture some of these mighty wee beasties each year during the midge season and set them in resin! We then create keyrings and pendants so you can exact your revenge on the midge by wearing them!

crochet-midgeWe’ve also crafted a midge who not only won’t bite you but you can take home and cuddle. As one of our customers said “At last a midge I can learn to love!” Hand crocheted in a range of colours including sparkly, rainbow, pink and blue, sunshine yellow and eco friendly green. Crochet midges come in various shapes and sizes.

midge-corner wiremidges

We also have a range of paracord midge keyrings, bead and wire midge hair slides and badges.



Isle of Rum