And the rest!

Also available at Croft 3 in the shed or by mail order we offer :

paracord2survival wristbands – 2 metres of paracord knotted into a wristband fastened with a clasp containing whistle, flint & steel firestarter and cutting blade.

wristbandsIn a variety of colours including glow in the dark. In an emergency the paracord can be easily unknotted and provide top quality cord to use for guy ropes, anchor rope or shoelaces!

Perfect for adventurers!



We have a range of hand stamped keyrings and pendants featuring the co-ordinates of our lovely wee island.


floraFlora of Rum – wild flowers gathered from the meadows of Croft 3 including heather, clover and thistles, mixed with larch cones and preserved with oris root. Add your own fragrance and delight in having a little bit of Rum in your home!





Friendship bracelets in a  variety of colours featuring Isle of Rum. Show your love and friendship with our fabulous island!


fizzersBath fizzers  Рluxurious bath fizzers made with essential oils, take them home, soak in a bath and relax thinking of Rum



Dreamcatchers – made using feathers from our free range flock of birds and willow harvested from around the croft woodreamcatchersdlands. Ensure your dreams are all sweet, free of nightmares and filled with memories of Rum!



Free Range Flights of Fancy – our free range flock of feathered friends provide us with an endless source of stunning feathers naturally shed and collected from around free-range-flightsthe croft. We have used them to create a range of handpainted quills made from our goose and turkey feathers, hair grips, brooches and hat pins & keyrings. Nic & Scarlett, armed with a hot glue gun and a heap of beads and feathers have created accessories to give you wings!



Isle of Rum