Welcome to Croft 3

Welcome to Croft 3, home of Nic, Ady, Davies and Scarlett and a whole host of Croft 3 creatures.

Croft 3 is on the Isle of Rum, a small island off the west coast of Scotland. We work our 8 acre croft using low impact permaculture principles and keep sheep, pigs and poultry and grow food for ourselves, our animals and excess for sale.

We sell our croft produce, arts and crafts from a wee shop at the croft gate and online.

We moved to the Isle of Rum in 2012 to set up Croft 3 which was a bareland croft when we arrived. Everything that now exists on the croft is what we have achieved in our time here, working from a bare field and turning it into our home, business and life. You can read more about our lives at our blog www.wonderingwanderers.co.uk

For more information about what we sell from the croft, both at the croft gate from our wee shop РCroft 3 In The Shed or by mail order please click on the page links above. You can contact us by email or follow us on facebook 

Isle of Rum